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based.quest – Steam Deck Review by BieHDC

Posted on 13/03/2022 21:11:56

This guest blog is written by BieHDC

Yes, it is me again, because i have got my Steam Deck one week ago and now i am going to tell you about it. The first clue is already my choice of words, i called it “my”, because i actually own it. If you read my previous review of the FairPhone 4 you will already know that this is an important factor for me. It is a whole PC, or should i say PC2?… The Model i got is the 512 Gigabyte one, because i already knew i was going to install “Hitman 2” (2018) which alone takes 150 Gigabytes and followed by “Grand Theft Auto 5” with 105 Gigabytes, taking away over half of the disk space available already. As someone who has never owned a Console or Handheld before, one of the reasons being the lack of actually owning them, i had to learn a lot of the how to use first. You can watch that progress in my Unboxing and First Start Video.

Let’s have a look…

Here is the list of games i personally tested. It is the raw experience, no nice-ification. In the Video descriptions are sometimes hints on the setup and other information, so please make sure to read those and their entry on ProtonDB.

Steam Games:

External Games:

Remote Play:

Ok, but how do you deal with games that have no controller support?

Valve added the option to remap the Deck’s input to anything you want. You can see how it works in the following examples.

What if i need a proper keyboard tho?

You can ether attach a Bluetooth Keyboard which works out of the box, or you can utilise an application like “Remote Touchpad” you can find in “Discover” which lets you use another devices browser to input text.

The Good

The Bad

The Missing

Now what?

I will keep using it. All the issues i have pointed out have been reported to Valve ether by me or someone else already did. I will follow up on this post later in the future, so make sure you are subscribed to the RSS feed. What else i need to do is to take it on an outdoor trip. This is what your parents meant when they said: Play outside. Also tweaking games for battery longevity while not sacrifising quality too much is going to be a task. Is it worth it? Definitely!

Hold on, i still have questions!

If you need more information, questions and etc please drop by in the #based-quest:cernodile.com Matrix Channel. I will happily share more information.

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