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based.quest – PineTime - End of 2021 review

Posted on 01/01/2022 12:13:47

A PineWhatNow?

If you missed the PineTime blog, go check it out now. This is an continuation to the previous blog.

What has changed since?

A lot. Let’s start by summing up the faults I had last time for PineTime’s InfiniTime software.

I am thrilled to say, all of these have been fixed in current master build of InfiniTime. My watch is currently running InfiniTime build 8ab959b (to-be 1.8) from December 20th 2021. To address each concern, I applaud the following PRs and their creators for fixing these two issues: #688, #625 and #492.

As for steps getting lost, recently JF002 has added Bluetooth relaying of step count for companion applications. Gadgetbridge was quick to recognize this and added support. For first time in half year, I am able to save and review the amount I’ve walked or ran during the day.

Okay, your biggest gripes are dealt with, what else?

Bluetooth pairing! Thanks to the amazing work of evergreen22, we can now securely pair PineTime devices. This was a big concern of mine as anyone can initiate a firmware upgrade over Bluetooth and potentially wreck havoc on nearby PineTime watches. Of course that fear is largely unjustified as the market share is extremely tiny that it would be pointless for cybercriminals to target such devices.


Probably more variety of watchfaces and sleep monitoring as it is one of the advertised points on the box. I understand that the original Chinese firmware had that functionality, but so far the FOSS firmware InfiniTime which ships with new PineTime watches lacks the functionality. As for companion applications, I have a gripe with my watch vibrating after I accept an incoming call already - that’s one thing I wish that would be fixed. OsmAnd integration would be nice as well.

Should you buy it?

Yes. You shouldn’t trust your data to likes of Garmin or Apple. PineTime is a fine wine supported by the passionate community surrounding it. As for normies, maybe wait an half year or so for the wrinkles to be ironed out for smoother experience.

Thanks for reading, happy new year and stay based!

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