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based.quest - Launch and Intentions

Posted on 15/07/2021 12:00:00 AM

Hey, my name's Cernodile, the system administrator for based.quest and its services. I started this website with the intent of creating a sane, perhaps based, space on the internet where you are not being spied or tracked on. I will be offering services that help you achieve sovereignty over your data.

To kick things off, I've launched an Invidious instance. Invidious allows you to watch YouTube videos without actually ever interfacing with Google. If you find Invidious tedious to use, you can use it as an API and pick a front-end of your liking (e.g. FreeTube).

I will not be moving my Searx instance neither my Matrix homeserver, they will continue to be available on cernodile.com. This domain will continue to house anything that I haven't on cernodile.com. I am thinking of trying out PeerTube and maybe if I can work out GDPR nuances, Dendrite Matrix homeserver.

Thanks for reading,

Join us at Matrix: #based-quest:cernodile.com

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