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based.quest – NOW HOSTING: Nitter & PeerTube

Posted on 13/04/2022 20:35:48


Nitter is a bloatless no-javascript front-end for Twitter, similar to Piped or Invidious. If you have a reason to look at Twitter for whatever reason, here’s your free get-rid-of-bloat card. You can find it here.


PeerTube is a free/libre video sharing software funded by a non-profit organization Framsoft. Instead of interfacing a site like YouTube through bloatless front-ends, you get to use a platform that respects you. PeerTube is another one of the “fediverse” projects and hence is compatible with ActivityPub platforms. Due to legal complications, if you wish to join the instance, you’ll have to ask me personally for an account. You can also find it here.

I hope I’m able to open registrations without a single worry in near future once GDPR worries are behind.

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